Demo 2016

by Insidious

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Engineered by Sean Fitzpatrick at the Brick Hithouse in Hyannis, MA


released August 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Insidious New Hampshire

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Track Name: Jaded Delusion
Conceptual ideals
Of a broken mind
Habitual contempt
Of another kind
Feeding off pop culture
And the weakest link
The authenticity
Has gone extinct

And I can't fucking live
With your life in my throat
And I cant fucking live
With everything that I loathe
Jaded delusion
And misplaced thought
An after thought

Jaded delusion

Apathy, sympathy
No one seem to care
Bullshit mindsets
Fucked beyond repair
Apathy sympathy
No one seem to care
Bullshit mindsets
Fucked beyond repair
Track Name: Bad Blood
Hung on the hook
For the holy father
Steel pierced flesh
Pigs ready for slaughter
Gaping abyss
Of nothingness
Of unholiness

Hands to throat
Watch life convulse
Razor slit flesh
Bad blood rivers flow

Bathed in blood
By the son
Our bad blood
Will never be done
Track Name: Empty Skull
Strung up noose
Tempting escape
Unfathomable pain
Unavoidable fate

No more life to live
No more love to give
Happiness doesn't suit me
Death a tempting release

Tired and beaten
Cold hearted cretin
Can't love yourself
When you're morally weakened

Tired of trying
And getting let down
My hopes getting up
And my ego getting drowned

Delusional exempt
A slow decent
I'll dig my grave
And rest with content

So tie a noose
Around my neck
Or stick a gun
Up to my head

Fuck this life
And fuck this pain
Fuck this heartache
And numbskull brain
Track Name: Iconoclast
Gone astray
I will not pray
You forced my hand
No "holy land"
This life is mine
Mine alone
Can't look back
Can't go home

Slit your throat
Hang from a rope
Take your pick
You make me sick
Fuck forgiveness
Fuck fake smiles
You're not sinless
God's on trial

I won't sit back
While you force your beliefs
Down the throats
Of the ones
You call weak

No God
Track Name: Center of Nothing

I'd fall again for anything
Psalm and script
Crawling under my skin
Christ, our Lord
I'm full of sin
A pitch black coffin
For me to be in

This hate is what drive me
No belief for what I can't see

Center of nothing