The Void Demo

by Insidious

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released February 13, 2015

Engineered by Sean Fitzpatrick at the Brick Hithouse in Hyannis, MA

Cassettes out on Endless Bummer Records:



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Insidious New Hampshire

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Track Name: Numbskull (Ft. Brendan Glennon)
Empty skull

Think you're pretty tough, it ain't for me
I can't make sense of anything you say
A big empty skull, it's void of a brain
Nobody cares, you barely make it through the day

Pushing for the ascent of mankind
You won't get far when your third eye is blind
Tied to the ground from a life filled with regrets
You lost yourself to the thought of death

Empty thoughts
Empty skull
No care for anything that I've known
Break your cycle
Behead your snakes
Swinging my hammer on your world that's fake
Track Name: Center of Nothing

I'd fall again for anything
Psalm and script crawling under my skin
Christ, our lord, I'm full of sin
A pitch black coffin for me to be in

This hate is what drives me
No belief for what I can't see

Center of nothing
Track Name: Brain Dead
Holding my breath

Holding my breath since I've been dead
I never started living
It's hard to care when the world's so unforgiving
Loss of interest
It's such a mess
It's hard to care when you know you're worthless
Track Name: Reality Check
Stock white flesh
And I'm at it again
Don't tell me to
Hear the words you never said
Alone in my mind
I want to fill myself with lead
Another reason to
Put a hole in my head

Stock white flesh
And I'm at it again
I don't want to pray
And I don't want to make amends
Your God's nothing more than
Words on paper
You won't be saved by kneeling
On God's Acre
Track Name: Rope Burn
Loss of sleep from the depths
Of a troubled man's mind
I can't think straight
I think I'm stepping out of line
Pushing to the edge
Of a life with no hope
I'm standing on a ledge
With my neck in a rope

Pushing towards the fucking edge
This rope is wrapped around my neck
I'm paranoid, paranoid
Lost inside this fucking void

Lost in the void
Track Name: Void
Hold on for better days
My view of tomorrow
Is just blood down the drain
A hole in my brain
I started going insane
Not a life I enjoyed
I was stuck in the void

Holding onto nothing
It's a life filled with distress
Ask me if I fucking care
I'll bet that you can guess
I am fucking lost
Lost inside this void
Under a burning cross
This life I have destroyed

I'll put a hole in my brain
As I start going insane
It's not a life I enjoy